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India Insights | April 17, 2014

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Pappu Vs Feku Vs Tragediwal – Social Media Has It All

8:51 am |

Have you come across the Dukhdarshan video of Tragediwal on WhatsApp or YouTube yet? It symbolizes how electioneering has changed of late. It also symbolizes how, like independent filmmakers, creative people not attached to any party but feeling about issues and leaders, are giving full expression to their creativity on the digital media.

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Water Sarcity: India’s Perennial Worry

11:16 am |

There is no dearth of water in India. The country is blessed with a 7600 km long coastline, annual average rainfall of 1700 mm and innumerable number of rivers, small and big water bodies. Then why is the country suffering from such acute shortage of water is a question that is worrying every sensible Indian minds.

Sanitation: The Statistics In India

1:22 pm |

Sanitation is a very basic need of human and is one of the primary drivers of public health but unfortunately in India, this facility is the beyond the reach of millions of people. If we believe a report published in a leading newspaper, almost 60% of the Indians defecate in the open. The condition is poorer in … Read More

An Open Letter To Arvind Kejriwal

12:16 pm |

Dear Mr Kejriwal,

I am writing this open letter to you on reading reports that you have said there is nothing wrong in breaking a promise.

This can mean two things – either you do not know the meaning of promise, … Read More

Elections 2014: Reinterpreting Indian Democracy

11:59 am |

As the world’s largest democracy embarks on national polls to choose its government in the next few weeks, it is perhaps a worthwhile exercise to take cognizance of how significant these elections have been in the electoral history of India. While several elections have witnessed politicians vying for electoral acceptance with promises of Utopia, or using dividing … Read More